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"Art is disposable; the artist is not."
- Billy Dawson

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Disney's FamJam
KYW Newsradio, Philadelphia

Evolution of BAD!


It started in the bathtub when our son was about three.


With an array of colorful bath crayons and a captive audience of one, I set out to show our toddler son what a graffiti "Tag" is, while simultaneously creating an updated version of my "BAD!" moniker - which, being the initials of my name, has been with me for a very long time. 


At the time of creation, I did not know what would become of this, or when. But my intuition said it would have a purpose somewhere, on down the line. I photographed it and filed it away on some 50 MB SD card., and didn't think of it again.


Bath-time was awesome that night, back in 2008.

Fast forward to 2010.

With a version of Photoshop now in my possession (possibly a scaled down version for educators), I decided to play around with bright colors and effects to see how much I could enhance BAD!

Looking at the original art, and comparing it to my new work, it was obvious some things on the design would need to change, or parts were just missed entirely.

Like any starving artist knows, it was time to simply take what the source was providing, and work from there.

And truthfully, I actually liked what Photoshop did.

But it still, was not enough.

This art needed to jump off the page. 

Fast forward a decade.!!



New technology. New version of Photoshop.

New Smartphones with image capture, post-processing, video production, and visual effect apps. 

Now, I had a mobile production studio, literally in the palm of my hand.

No sense in waiting another decade.

Introducing the freshest update yet - BAD!


(Hover mouse over video for sound)



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Billy Dawson is an award-winning radio broadcaster, actor, dancer, and corporate sales executive. His combination of artistry on the canvas of life, with his relentless drive and steeled professionalism in the corporate boardroom, is both rare and unmatched.

Billy is an exceptional communicator with a creative, adaptable, and consultative style. His training in the best business processes helped him to possess a keen needs-assessment aptitude, firm negotiating skills, and become an extraordinary problem solver. Highly motivated to go above and beyond the average, Billy has proven to be a dependable, hard working, and loyal producer who is willing to learn and apply without hesitation. Those qualities have earned him the respect of prospects and the loyalty of customers alike.

Billy is a natural artist and intelligent content creator. Blending his natural talent with years of intensive training, his original artwork, acting performances, radio broadcasts, and writing have been viewed by millions and have withstood the test of time. In the shortsighted social media landscape of today, where one’s desire to go viral outweighs longevity, Billy Dawson has maintained his focus on creating something every day, for tomorrow, and beyond.

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