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"The person who makes something today isn't the same person
who returns to the work tomorrow."
- Rick Rubin


From Billy's vault of audio recordings, the following demos are but a fraction of what he has accomplished broadcasting behind the mic and in the recording studio, from Texas to New York, and to Philadelphia.

Beginning with original design concepts, to full production and execution, these samples are more than talking into a microphone:. All of the graphic design and presentation elements that accompany these samples, are Billy's ideas that he has brought to fruition using his skills in digital design and content creation..



Recorded sometime around the turn of the century (hence,, the cassette display), this sample includes two traffic reports on two of New York City's legendary radio stations, "Talkradio 77 WABC" and "New York's Only Live and Local News, 710 WOR."

Heralding from small market radio, Billy is the only person on the planet who has said the call letters KWTS, WABC, and WOR live on the air in their lifetime.

After starting his broadcasting career in the panhandle of Texas on KWTS FM, a small thousand-watt college radio station, Billy continued it in New York City on Newstalk 77 WABC, and on "New York's only Live and Local News, 710 WOR."

In 2017 Billy began reporting traffic at the iconic KYW Newsradio in Philadelphia, and continues there today.

When his team of journalists and anchors at KYW won the "2021 Major Market Station of the Year," Billy become the first person from his college radio station  to work at an award-winning Major Market radio station. 


From the smallest media markets, to the #1 and #4 markets respectively, no one else has ever identified these four stations live on the air - except Billy: 



As a broadcaster, Billy witnessed the disruption of radio with the introduction of new digital music services. Increasingly, it was getting harder to reach consumers over the radio as they began listening to new services.


In 2015 he saw the value of a customized, intimate, audio program that had the capability of reaching people with targeted messaging that spoke directly to them and their needs: It was called Podcasting.

At that time Billy was producing two different podcasts for clients, who understood the value of podcasts as a way for them to each articulate their business' complex value proposition. Simultaneously, he was pioneering QR codes as the easiest way for listeners to access the shows on smartphones.

There was only one problem:

In 2015 not many people cared about podcasts, and no one seemed to have the appetite to figure out what a QR code was, much less how to use it.



Creating engaging content with good music can be a nightmare without proper copyright permissions. As a former first-chair violinist, percussion and guitar student, and overall lover of all music genres, Billy understands the theory behind musical arrangements.

This is a sampling of various music beds he has composed and arranged for his own use at any given time. Coupling the right music with the right feel to help convey the right message is one of Billy's many talents.  If the music does not fit the piece, Billy's skill allows him to go and create new musical tracks that do work, at any time..

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